Ling Chen is a prolific sketcher. Almost everywhere she goes, she takes with her a sketching kit: a small watercolor set, a calligraphy pen and a brush. When something catches her eye, she captures the scene in five to 30 minutes with quick strokes of ink and washes of color. This can be while she is waiting to board at the airport, watching her youngest child Lucas at the playground, riding the subway, standing at line at the pharmacy, or eating at a restaurant.

Her initial art training was at an after-school drawing club in middle school in Qingdao, China, where she grew up. A few days a week, Ling spent a couple hours learning compositions and pencil rendering of geometric shapes. But after getting into a top high school that prioritized academics, she stopped drawing.

Decades later, now living in Jersey City, N.J. and working in product marketing and pricing strategy at technology companies, Ling started taking her two older children to drawing classes giving by Grigory Guervich, a Russian-American painter and sculptor. She ended up taking classes too.

Ling resumed making art in January 2015 with a still-life pastel drawing. She also tried figure drawing and landscape painting, improving her skills rather quickly. She finds that she loves using charcoal and watercolor for their spontaneity, fluidity and expressiveness. Having never attended art school, Ling tried to expedite her learning by taking week-long workshops from master watercolorists David Taylor and Joseph Zbukvic, and Henry Yan, a master in drawing human figures.

Wishing to capture the beautiful moments in life, Ling is striving to improve her art and the works on this website reflect that journey.

After many years living in Jersey City, Ling recently moved to Montclair, NJ with her science journalist husband (who edits her writing when asked) and three children (who critique her grammer from time to time without being asked).